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Top 19 Apps that can improve your productivity guaranteed

Procrastination is a universal struggle and when you fall prey to it it is important to remind that a) you are not alone, and b) you are not lazy. Conversely, most delayers will tell you that they are doing a lot of work but feel that they cannot. This is usually because they are crippled by the complexity of their to-do list or the sheer number of tasks; Don't know where to start, Or just feeling like the day is getting out of control due to waking up or being disturbed by the morning routine. To make matters worse, good, productive working habits can be as difficult as developing unhealthy time-wasting routines, such as brainwashing through social media. Luckily, there are many incredibly useful tools out there that can help you face many problems that cause nearby dysfunction. Many great, easy-to-use apps encourage good work and sleep habits; Help you stay on the task by avoiding the trap of laxity; Focus your attention on completing one task at a point; And create new workflows

Why government helps to start-up business in our country?

The Government of India has taken several initiatives and policy measures to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. Job creation is the biggest challenge facing India. With a significant and unique demographic advantage, India has immense potential to innovate, generate jobs, and generate jobs for the benefit of nations and the world. In recent years, a wide spectrum of opportunities has been created by the Government of India to nurture new programs and innovation in many areas. Connecting with education, industry, investors, small and large entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations for the lowest sections of society. Recognizing the importance of women entrepreneurship and economic participation to enable the growth and prosperity of the country, the Government of India has ensured that all policy initiatives are geared towards enabling equal opportunity for women. The government wants to bring women to the forefront of India's entrepreneurial

Why startups fail to generate revenue quickly

In startups, the difference between staying out of the runway and running out always takes our eyes off revenue. We do not want to do this, and we certainly do not do it on purpose. But when we run in the middle of a startup, it is a very easy task to waste time on feel-good tasks, which sounds like progress but doesn't come in any money. No entrepreneur is immune to this trap. It is a part of the drive that makes successful entrepreneurs successful. I set up a ton of startups, worked on, and advised them, and each made the same mistakes where revenue is concerned. Whether an Owner is launching his first company or fifth, there is one common fact they cannot neglect: the path to success starts with survival. The probability of survival depends on how fast you can generate revenue. The key to getting revenue fast is to do nothing else but to seek it. Here the easiest are falling into the trap and how to stop them. Mistake # 1: Raise Money Before You Are Ready No startup joins it to

How to use shareit in Google pixel 2 XL?

SHAREit is an app that has a variety of free online feeds and very fast cross-platform transfer speeds. Also, it offers a high-powered media player, so you can use it to enjoy and keep your music and video files. Besides, the application allows transferring files in an ancient quality. Google has affirmed that it is finally bringing an AirDrop rival to Android smartphones. The feature will be similar to Apple's AirDrop which is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Google has similar plans and maybe bringing this feature to its Chromebook, according to an Android report. Recently, Samsung introduced its version of AirDrop called Quick Share for Galaxy smartphones. Now with Google bringing the Share feature throughout itself, it will be very easy to transfer big files between Android phones, and the fact that it will make it easier for users, as they do not depend on specific apps like SHAREit Will, has to be. This feature is expected to be available on most Android phones. “We ar

Yearly subscription for deepam magazine and address

Deepam Fortnightly magazine prices are inclusive for shipping and handling via the USPS. (For US delivery). Shipping to other counters will be through their Postal Services (eg Airmail in India). The address (subscription) can be changed at any time for delivery. Please mail us the details of the changed address to . Deepam fortnightly magazine subscription will start from the current issue or the next issue. Deepam Fortnightly Tamil magazine will be sent immediately upon receiving the issues from the publisher. Deepam is involved in the fortnightly magazine Diwali and annual issues. Any special issues will be sent free also. Deepam Tamil magazine. Indian Magazine Subscription, Purchase Purchase Purchase Indian Magazine Subscribe Online Worldwide Free Shipping To Your Door, Indian Magazines, Order Renewal Magazine In India Online Store Emporium From Shopping Mall In Coimbatore. Emporiumonnet.Com. We Emporiumonnet.Com Indian Magazine is your service provider for

Subscription based fast food business

The restaurant and fast food business is a place that is never going to be out of demand because every person on earth has to eat. This is why existing businesses keep experimenting with new approaches and startups jump in with new ideas every day. With the help of the Internet, food ordering and delivery business solutions started rising online. When the smartphone created a storm in the world, food ordering and delivery apps were bound to follow and they did in various forms. Now monthly subscription-based food ordering and delivery solutions are the latest trends. Till now, there were only two famous food ordering and delivery models. Aggregator model The former is an aggregator type model. A company like Doordash or Grubhub or Uber Eats will develop a complete food ordering and distribution solution. They will have a website, Android apps, and iOS apps for customers, drivers, and business owners. They would then publicize it to customers and lure restaurant owners to join it. The o

After 12th how to become customer success manager

Before I start delving into the subject line, how to become a 'Customer Success Manager', I am going to share some statistics with you. Companies that prioritize customer experience can earn up to 60% more profit than their competitions. Even a 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue and profits by as much as 75%. Now let us see what the success role of the customer is. Well, it is clear that a customer success manager helps and manages the company's customers to be more successful. Want to be a part of those companies to achieve outstanding results? In that case, don't fret. Read the following article and get an answer. Learn Technical Customer Success Tools When you want to know how to become a customer success manager, the icebreaker of the list is a technicality. Accepting a career in technology will demand you to be technically sound and master all of the technical knowledge. With this, you can make yourself more marketable by learning common techniq

5 Easy Hack To Become A Morning Person

 5 Easy Hack To Become A Morning Person In this article, I will share 5 easy hacks that helped me change from someone who hates someone who actually enjoys her morning. Morning Hack # 1: Set your alarm in a different room Now living in a new apartment for a few weeks, I dropped one of my most important morning habits (the new environment has a tendency to change your behavior), which is putting my alarm far away from my bed . No wonder I had a lot of trouble waking up early in the last few weeks. For several consecutive days, I reverted to my old practice of taking naps and sleeping for unacceptable times. Needless to say, it damaged my productivity and performance. Luckily, I realized that this was because I didn't set my alarm off my bed. Usually, I set my alarm in a separate room so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. And when I am already upstairs and in a separate room, there is no way I can go back to bed. In other words, this little hack is my fail-safe method to p

Google's Pixel 5 is fine in appearance ... but its software will be great

On Wednesday, Google's annual September hardware event, the company unveiled its latest phone Pixel 5. Changes you can expect: Some additional new features and hardware tweaks that improved last year's device, but amounted to a replay update. What stood out more than the Pixel hardware were software changes that helped the device in meaningful new ways that you would actually notice. Point in Case: An update to Google Assistant called "Hold for Me". When you call a business and go on hold, the feature allows you to turn on an option in Google Assistant that will sit in line for you to listen to hold music - captioning any vocal information - So that you can do something else. When it is your turn, you will be notified to take it again. (When they finally respond, the assistant will ask the person in the line to catch you.) Hold For Me seems really useful: I stopped calling my bank and internet company all the time because I know I would be stuck in a queue for at leas

How Startups Develop a Customer Success Strategy

Do your customers love your product or do they tolerate it? To answer that question, you have to ask one more question: How much work do you do to make your customers successful? You can never have too much customer success, and you can't put too much effort into making it. But to elevate your product from tolerance to love - or from "good-to-have" to "must-have" - ​​that takes more than just goodwill, friendly service, and timely support. Customer success is the new name for a company's collection of customer onboarding, retention, and upstream strategies. It is the most important factor for development at any level, and is one of the more misunderstood and overlooked concepts in business. Over 20 years of creating a successful product, I have spent my fair amount of time creating successful customers. Here I learned how to develop an effective customer success strategy, whether your company is just starting or you've already got a ton of "like&quo

Step-by-step guide to become an AI expert

Experts claim that artificial intelligence (AI) will shape people's lives within the next ten years. Ultimately AI can be a game-changer to increase human effectiveness and remove worldly tasks. "AI is going to change more than anything in the world in the history of mankind. More than electricity. ”- AI expert Dr. Kai-fu Lee, 2018 Artificial intelligence is being used by almost all major industries - from education to healthcare to retail and e-commerce, public relations (PR), small businesses, recruitment and services, and manufacturing. By 2030, AI is said to contribute USD 15 trillion to the world economy, Source PwC. As AI becomes the central force to transform society, this technology is likely to distort our lives in many ways. But are you ready to adopt change? Becoming an AI expert is not a cakewalk. Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of everyday life, and you have just started. There are some great ways to start an online learning platform, but you cannot mas

How Startups Lose Money With Subscription Model

Launching a subscription-based product or service seems so easy. It is like instant monthly recurring revenue, just add customers. Although there is a problem with the subscription pricing model. It is no secret that consumers are increasingly adopting the subscriber model for products and services that they used to make requests on demand. These days, Amazon will sell you a subscription to your Coffee Pods at a full price discount. Or you can run a Porsche of your choice for just $ 3,100 a month. On the startup side, service subscription companies everywhere are springing up under the sometimes two-way market model, other times as an alternative to traditional service offerings with a no-frills approach to offset costs and increase demand. I have a long history of launching subscription services ranging from my first self-established startup to my most recent self-established startup and a few more well-funded dramas in between. A few months ago, I wrote a post on how to correct the s

Indian startup starts virtual phone number service - Doosra

These days it has become necessary to provide a phone number for most of the service. Whether you go to a shopping center or take an online service. You have to give your phone number almost everywhere. There are many disadvantages to giving a phone number. The first thing is that you will get lots of spam calls. In terms of women's privacy and safety, giving your phone number for every service is a bit of a waste. Hailing from Hyderabad, Aditya has started a startup named Doosra. Aditya has told Aaj that he aims to protect users from unwanted calls and spam while keeping privacy in mind. You can get a new virtual number by entering your phone number through the Doosra app. By giving this number to anyone, you will be able to easily avoid spam calls. Because this number will be different from your actual mobile number. What are the advantages of the Doosra number? Aditya, the founder of this app, says that it can protect your privacy. If you go shopping somewhere, your phone