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5 Easy Hack To Become A Morning Person

 5 Easy Hack To Become A Morning Person

In this article, I will share 5 easy hacks that helped me change from someone who hates someone who actually enjoys her morning.

Morning Hack # 1: Set your alarm in a different room

Now living in a new apartment for a few weeks, I dropped one of my most important morning habits (the new environment has a tendency to change your behavior), which is putting my alarm far away from my bed . No wonder I had a lot of trouble waking up early in the last few weeks.

For several consecutive days, I reverted to my old practice of taking naps and sleeping for unacceptable times. Needless to say, it damaged my productivity and performance. Luckily, I realized that this was because I didn't set my alarm off my bed.

Usually, I set my alarm in a separate room so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. And when I am already upstairs and in a separate room, there is no way I can go back to bed. In other words, this little hack is my fail-safe method to prevent yourself from snoozing and sleeping - and it will help you do so.

Instead of placing your alarm next to your bed, place it somewhere where you have to physically get out of your bed and walk a little to turn off the alarm. This will prevent repeated snoozing. As soon as I started doing it again a few days ago, I had no problem waking up early.

Morning Hack # 2: Drink 2 glasses of water immediately

After being without water for about 8 hours, your body is dehydrated and you need to fuel it with water as soon as possible. Most people feel tired, foggy, and drowsiness in the morning, simply because they are dehydrated. And when you are dehydrated, your body and brain performance decreases dramatically.

The brain contains 75% water, so it is no wonder that when we do not drink enough water we begin to experience immediate effects. I always ask people who are lethargic, inexperienced and lack energy if they drink enough water and the answer is almost always no.

Morning Hack # 3: Move With Your Body

Another energetic morning hack lasts with your body for about 2–5 minutes. Whether it's doing a jump, push-up, kettlebell swing (my personal favorite), doing some yoga or sprinting something, it doesn't really matter.

The important thing is that you do something that increases your heartbeat so that your body starts producing cortisol (which helps you wake up) and increases your blood flow (which the whole body Helps to transfer energy).

Morning Hack # 4: Perform 1 round of intense vim half breathing

This morning hack may seem a bit unfamiliar, but it actually works wonders for feeling more awake and active.

According to recent findings in the bio-hacking field, your breath has a profound effect on your health, energy and mental state. It turns out that, using only your breath, you can affect anything from your immune system to your creativity and your energy levels.

But for now, just focus on how your breath can help you feel more energetic and alert so that you can actually enjoy your life.

Morning Hack # 5: Don't Look at Your Smartphone for the First 20+ Minutes

One of the worst morning habits that most people adopt nowadays is that they check their phones immediately upon waking up. The problem with this habit is that by doing so you immediately fall into a state of reactive and distracted mind. All the messages, emails and notifications received by you during the night immediately catch your attention.

Instead of deciding what you are going to do with your morning, you are forced to act reactively on things that other people have thrown your way. This immediately puts you in a state of tension (distraction), and relieves tension. It's not really a strong start to the day, is it?

Instead, it is better to leave your smartphone untouched for at least the first 20 minutes (preferably longer), as long as you engage in more vigorous habits like regular meditation, planning your day, and setting goals and priorities Do not decide to be.


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