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Top 19 Apps that can improve your productivity guaranteed

Procrastination is a universal struggle and when you fall prey to it it is important to remind that a) you are not alone, and b) you are not lazy. Conversely, most delayers will tell you that they are doing a lot of work but feel that they cannot. This is usually because they are crippled by the complexity of their to-do list or the sheer number of tasks; Don't know where to start, Or just feeling like the day is getting out of control due to waking up or being disturbed by the morning routine. To make matters worse, good, productive working habits can be as difficult as developing unhealthy time-wasting routines, such as brainwashing through social media.

Luckily, there are many incredibly useful tools out there that can help you face many problems that cause nearby dysfunction. Many great, easy-to-use apps encourage good work and sleep habits; Help you stay on the task by avoiding the trap of laxity; Focus your attention on completing one task at a point; And create new workflows that will stop you from feeling puzzled.

Streets (Mac, iOS)

Streaks is a simple, effective to-do list app designed to help you build habits. To encourage you to do up to 12 specific tasks you want to prioritize and then repeat those tasks at selected intervals to create success lines, this app iterates over your life or work areas Helps you build muscle through. Where you want to be productive.

Things 3 (Mac iOS)

There are no shortage of to-do lists and task manager apps, but things are above the 3 rest. With a simple, intuitive design, Things 3 is beloved by practitioners of Getting Things Done Productivity philosophy, and is easy and satisfying to integrate into your workflow.

Tick ​​Tick (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

Another powerful to-do-list app that (unlike Things 3) is available outside of the Apple ecosystem, Ticket is loved a lot, including integration with your email and calendar, strong "reminders" functionality, and natural language support.

Toggle (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

A simple yet effective time tracker is a life partner for freelancers with many projects on the go, but it is a great way to increase your time as well as keep track of how much you can do on a particular Doing the actual work the project does - keeping you honest in the process.

Pocket (Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, Firefox, Safari)

By far the best bookmarking app, Pocket helps you keep track of things you've read that you want to refer back to, search for adjacent content, and save pages for future reading.

Feedly (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Firefox)

Get a list of sites and other online resources you need to keep up to date? Why not put them all in one place? Feedly is an excellent modern feeder header (yes, they still exist!) That can help you organize the information that lives on you without harming the track. Feedly also has collaborative functions for teams.

One (Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome)

A unique app designed to help you stay focused distracts the forest living experience and protects you from getting distracted by allowing you to nurture trees, which is what if you list blacklisted sites If you go on, you can get scorched.

Sleeptown (Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome)

From the creators of the forest, Sleeptown helps you build healthy sleeping habits by setting sleep goals, which you are building in the app. Rare buildings appear if you consistently achieve your sleeping and waking goals.

Omnifocus (Mac, iOS)

If you prefer your to-do lists to be more hardcore than some, 3, or tickets can offer, Omnifocus is there to help you group multiple to-do lists into projects, on priorities. Stay focused and review your progress. This is no match-to-do list app - it is the task management death star.

Freedom (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome)

Freedom is an app and website blocker that can sync blocks across all your devices. You make a list of sites that you need to avoid to be productive, and if it is bothering you, you can also block the entire Internet. The application has a system that allows you to schedule in advance when the blocks start and end, and a "lock" mode to keep you honest to have extra willpower.

Magnet (mac)

The magnet is a vertical organizer that helps you clutter your screen. Depending on the configuration, by moving the windows in place you can choose and control with or by dragging keyboard shortcuts, the magnet can help you spend less time between apps and windows and more time on your work.

CopyClip 2 (Mac)

Once you start using a good clipboard manager, you wonder how you ever lived without it. CopyClip 2 (and its free version, CopyClip) runs from your menubar and monitors everything you've copied to your clipboard (including non-text items), so you paste from your history Can do, not just the last thing you copied. You can also pin clippings, remove them, and edit to make changes.

Evernote (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android)

The queen of note-taking apps, Evernote has tools to help organize your writing, lists, and resources online; Sync across devices; Create a template for repeated use, And collaborate with friends and teams.

Ulysses (Mac, iOS)

If you are serious about your writing and you want something engaging, feature-rich, and powerful enough to have an epic novel, drama, poem, or an entirely new literary form on which you work If you are, Eulis is lovely and gorgeous. Option for other pro writing apps like Scrivener and FinalDraft.

Momentum (Chrome, Firefox)

Change your home screen or your new-tab page to Momentum instead of something distracting and terrible like Facebook, then integrate it with your photos and your favorite task manager for a little inspiration.

Woven (Mac, iOS, Windows)

An attractive calendar app with smart scheduling features, group polls, and event templates that supersede endless time to find work that works for everyone. Woven Google integrates with G Suite and Office 365, which is a requirement to keep all your calendars in one place.

Focus to-do (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome)

For followers of the Pomodoro productivity technology, Focus To-Do is a simple time and task-management application that helps you divide tasks and stay focused in 25-minute increments. The app can also help you record work sessions, record shopping lists, and set reminders.

Schedule (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows)

The time table is a unique time-tracker that uses a physical, Bluetooth-connected device to help you visualize your work. It is expensive, but the tangible tool makes you feel much more connected (and committed) to thinking, understanding, and analyzing your time.

Habitica (iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox)

All this productivity is great, but why not make it fun when you are doing it? Habitica is a time-and task-management app that does this, turning the task of completing tasks into an RPG-style game. Rewards and punishments in sports motivate you to stay focused on long-term and short-term goals in your work, health, and daily life.


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